Section 17.28.010   R-1 Single-Family Residential District Purpose.
   The requirements set forth in this chapter, together with other provisions set forth in the Building Code of the Village, have been adopted in order to provide for a single-family residential environment, of an estate character, where the degree of improvements upon an individual parcel of land is generally subordinate to the landscape. Due to the mature character of development within this district, such requirements are also intended to assure that future modifications to existing structures, or the replacement of existing structures with new structures, will not alter the scale and general character of established neighborhoods. In this regard, the requirements set forth in this chapter are further intended to foster development which is compatible, in general, with the character of existing single-family development within the immediate neighborhood with respect to external architectural scale, landscaping and other site improvements.
(MC-6-2002, Amended, 05/21/2002; MC-8-2000, Amended, 11/21/2000, Lot width, front setback and rear yard amended)