Chapter 13.08
   13.08.010   Electric service by Village.
   13.08.015   Bidding or selling of system demand response.
   13.08.020   Rules and regulations.
   13.08.030   Meters.
   13.08.040   Charges for electric service.
   13.08.050   Reading meters--Issuance of bills.
   13.08.060   Effect of nonpayment of bill.
   13.08.070   Application for electric service.
   13.08.080   Rates for residential service.
   13.08.090   Rates for residential space heating service.
   13.08.100   Rates for commercial service.
   13.08.110   Rates for government and school service.
   13.08.120   Rates for water heating service.
   13.08.130   Rates for large residential service.
   13.08.140   Rates for street lighting service.
   13.08.150   Rates for summer service.
   13.08.155   Credits for certain renewable energy sources.
   13.08.160   Wholesale power purchase cost adjustment.
   13.08.170   Inspection and condition of premises.
   13.08.180   Electric service connection.
   13.08.190   Turning on electricity after discontinuance of service.
   13.08.200   Interference with meter.
   13.08.210   Electricity at construction sites.
   13.08.220   Location of utility facilities.
   13.08.230   Discretionary undergrounding of transmission and distribution lines.
   13.08.240   Rates for discretionary undergrounding.
   13.08.250   Referendum for disposition of property.
   13.08.260   Standards for renewable energy sources.