Section 13.04.070   Application for water service.
   A.   Application. Any person owning premises either within the corporate limits of the Village or otherwise adjacent to the water distribution system of the Village, may obtain water service by signing an application or contract in the regular form used by the Water and Electric Department at the time of application, and providing for the appropriate security, if any, required under subsection B of this section. The application for service shall contain an agreement that the applicant will conform to all the provisions of this code, to all applicable resolutions and to all of the rules and regulations of the Water and Electric Department as a condition to receiving water service from the Village.
   B.   Cash Deposits. Collection of a cash deposit in an amount equal to the estimated maximum for the bill for the billing cycle (as determined by the Finance Director) of an applicant for water or sewer service if the applicant is not owner of the premises to which the service is to be provided. In lieu of such deposit, the applicant may file an agreement, signed by the owner of the premises, agreeing to pay on demand the amount of any bills for services rendered to the nonowner applicant. The deposit shall be not less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) and shall be used first in payment of the final bill for services rendered and the balance, if any, returned to the depositor.
(Ord. MC-228-99 § 5 (part), 1999: prior code § 8.07)