Section 13.04.060   Effect of nonpayment of bill.
   A.   Discontinuance of Service. Any account for water service for which payment is not received within the time prescribed in the applicable rate resolution shall be considered a delinquent account, and it shall thereupon be the duty of the Water and Electric Department to discontinue service until the delinquent account is paid in full or an enforceable payment plan has been entered into as provided in Section 1.04.140(C) of this code. A disconnection charge shall be charged to the customer's account, in an amount set by resolution of the Village Council introduced at one meeting and adopted at a subsequent meeting.
   B.   Unpaid Accounts Constitute Lien. All unpaid amounts of rates, fees and charges for water service shall constitute a lien against the property to which service was provided, to the extent such lien is authorized by law.
   C.   Effect of Delinquent Accounts. All delinquent water or sewer accounts shall be subject to the provisions of Section 1.04.140 of this code. In addition, no person with a delinquent water or sewer account shall either be allowed a new water service connection at another location served by the Municipal Water Utility, or a change or upgrade of the service at the premises for which the delinquent account has accrued, unless the account is paid in full or an enforceable payment plan has been agreed to by the Village.
   D.   Security Deposits. The Village may require a security deposit from existing customers under the following circumstances:
      1.   If the customer's wires, pipes, meters or other service equipment have been tampered with and the customer has benefited from the tampering;
      2.   If the customer has paid late two times within any twelve (12) month period; or
      3.   If the customer's service has been discontinued for nonpayment of bills.
(Ord. MC-228-99 § 5 (part), 1999: prior code § 8.06)