Section 13.04.040   Charges for water service.
   A.   Establishing Rates and Fees. Each person using water furnished by the Water and Electric Department to any building or premises shall be charged for such service in accordance with rates, fees and charges established from time to time by resolution of the Village Council. All resolutions setting or amending rates, fees and other charges for water service shall be introduced at one meeting and adopted at a subsequent meeting.
   B.   Additional Charges for Failure to Pay Bill. If any bill for water service is not paid within the payment period prescribed by resolution, a late payment penalty of five percent shall be added to the bill and collected from the user.
   C.   Collection Costs. Any unpaid bill that is turned over for collection shall be subject to an additional charge, the amount of which shall be established by the Village Manager, upon the recommendation of the Director of Finance, in an amount sufficient to recover the Village's costs of carrying and collecting the debt.
(Ord. MC-228-99 § 5 (part), 1999: prior code § 8.04)