Section 6.04.050   Poundkeeper, deputies and Animal Wardens.
   A.   Chief of Police. The Chief of Police of the Village shall be ex officio Poundkeeper for the Village. With the approval of the Village Manager, he or she may appoint a Deputy Poundkeeper or Poundkeepers as may be necessary or appropriate, such Deputy Poundkeeper or Poundkeepers to be designated as Animal Wardens of the Village.
   B.   Duties of Animal Wardens. The Animal Warden or Animal Wardens shall have the powers of Deputy Poundkeepers and members of the police force in the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter and shall perform such other or additional duties or services as the Chief of Police shall request or direct. Such additional duties may include but are not limited to investigation of animal nuisances, advice on animal control regulations and problems and educational work in animal control.
   C.   Duties of Poundkeeper and Deputy Poundkeepers. It shall be the duty of the Poundkeeper or any of his or her deputies to take up and impound any dog specifically required to be impounded. The Poundkeeper and his or her Deputy Poundkeepers shall in addition be authorized to take up and impound any dog known to him or her to have violated the provisions of Section 6.08.020.
(Prior code § 13.12)