Section 6.08.020   Responsibilities of dog owners.
   A.   It shall be the responsibility of the owner of any dog in the Village to keep such dog or to cause such dog to be kept under control at all times and to prevent such dog from doing any of the following prohibited acts, each of which is declared to be a public nuisance:
      1.   Running at Large. "Running at large" means being unconfined on or in property not owned or lawfully possessed by the owner of the dog, including public property, without being under immediate control by the owner of the dog or a responsible member of his or her family or by a responsible agent of the family, by means of a leash, cord, chain or like device. 
(Amended, 1/15/08, MC-14-2007 § 2)
      2.   Entering any church, community house or parish premises, public hall, bank building, automobile gasoline station, public garage, grocery, meat market, bakery or other retail store or shop, excluding any shop for the sale of animal pets, anywhere within the Village during the time that any of such places or establishments are open for use by the public or persons entitled to use the same.
      3.   Going upon and being upon any private or public school premises or grounds during the hours in which school is in session or school activities are taking place.
      4.   Jumping upon any person to the annoyance of such person.
      5.   Chasing a motor vehicle or bicycle on a public or private street or sidewalk.
      6.   Damaging or destroying private property (including but not limited to gardens, shrubbery and lawns) of any person other than property of the owner of the dog.
      7.   Defecating upon any property, public or private, other than the property of the owner of the dog, unless the person having immediate control of the dog (as required by subsection (A)(1) of this section) (a) has in that person's immediate possession a device for the removal of excrement and a depository for the transmission of excrement to a receptacle located upon property owned or possessed by the owner or such person, and (b) removes excrement left by such dog to a proper receptacle located upon property owned or possessed by the owner or such person.
      8.   Barking or howling so as to substantially disturb the quiet of any person.
      9.   Running at large of a female dog in heat.
   B.   The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to dogs leading blind persons.
   C.   The owner of any dog that does any of the acts prohibited in this section shall be subject to a fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00)
   D.   [Repealed.]
   E.   [Repealed.]
   F.   [Repealed.]
(MC-1-2014, Amended, 2/18/2014: prior code § 13.06)