(a)   Retail stores may sell LPG in containers not exceeding two and one-half pounds of water capacity from the interior and twenty pounds of water capacity from the exterior when the structure meets the requirements of the OBC and all applicable regulations of the OFC, NFPA #58 and this chapter are met.
   (b)   LPG containers for sale or for exchange in a Business District outside of the Industrial District may be approved after a request in writing is received and reviewed by the Fire Chief. After review and if all fire safety requirements and related Fire Code requirements are met, a permit may be issued.
   (c)   All DOTN containers and cylinders with a water capacity of two and one-half pounds or greater shall be stored in a secure and upright position or in a manner that ensures transmission of the vapor to the pressure relief valve.
   (d)   Containers at locations open to the public shall be protected by one of the following methods:
      (1)   An approved noncombustible enclosure;
      (2)   A lockable ventilated noncombustible locker or rack that prevents tampering with valves and pilferage of the cylinder.
   (e)   Protection against vehicle impact shall be provided where vehicle traffic normally is expected.
   (f)   Containers awaiting use, exchange or resale or storage in occupancies in use group M as set forth in the Ohio Building Code shall not be located within twenty feet of any door, motor-fueling operation, flammable or combustible liquid dispensing operations or any associated tank fill or off load operations involving a flammable or combustible liquid.
(Ord. 2002-38.  Passed 10-15-02; Ord. 2004-32.  Passed 7-6-04.)