TITLE ONE - Standards
            Chap. 1301.   Regional Dwelling House Code. (Repealed)
            Chap. 1303.   Regional Building Code. (Repealed)
            Chap. 1305.   Residential Code of Ohio.
            Chap. 1307.   International Building Code.
            Chap. 1309.   International Mechanical Code.
            Chap. 1311.   International Plumbing Code.
            Chap. 1313.   International Energy Code.
TITLE THREE - Local Building Provisions
            Chap. 1331.   Division of Building Engineering and Inspection.
            Chap. 1332.   Exterior Areas.
            Chap. 1333.   Licensing of Multiple Dwellings.
            Chap. 1334.   Residential Rental Units.
            Chap. 1335.   Moving of Buildings.
            Chap. 1337.   Permits and Fees.
            Chap. 1338.   Registration of Vacant Buildings and Certificates of Compliance for Vacant Buildings.
            Chap. 1339.   Swimming and Wading Pools.
            Chap. 1341.   Buildings Under Construction.
            Chap. 1343.   Water Control Systems.
            Chap. 1344.   Flood Hazard Precautions.
            Chap. 1345.   Satellite Earth Stations and Broadcast Receiving Antennas.
            Chap. 1349.   Signs.
            Chap. 1353.   Storm and Sanitary Sewer Test Tees.
            Chap. 1355.   Point of Sale Inspections.
            Chap. 1357.   Condominiums.
            Chap. 1359.   Site and Grading Plans.
TITLE FIVE - Housing Code
            Chap. 1361.   Minimum Standards. (Repealed)
            Chap. 1363.   Nonresidential Structures. (Repealed)
            Chap. 1365.   Licensing of Single-Family Residential Rental Units.
            Chap. 1367.   International Property Maintenance Code.