Chap. 705.   Special Events.
            Chap. 709.   Canvassers and Solicitors.
            Chap. 713.   Coin-Operated Cleaning Establishments.
            Chap. 717.   Community Antenna Television Systems. (Repealed)
            Chap. 719.   Video Service Providers
            Chap. 721.   Garbage and Rubbish Collectors.
            Chap. 725.   Goods Manufactured by the Blind.
            Chap. 729.   Private Investigators.
            Chap. 733.   Public Dances and Dance Halls.
            Chap. 737.   Public Sales.
            Chap. 739.   Sale of Phosphate Detergents.
            Chap. 741.   School Buses. (Repealed)
            Chap. 745.   Taxicabs.
            Chap. 747.   Vendors From Vehicles.
            Chap. 749.   Casual Sales.
            Chap. 750.   Sale of Vehicles.
            Chap. 751.   Registration of Contractors.
            Chap. 753.   Boarding and Rooming Houses.
            Chap. 755.   Commercial Establishments.
            Chap. 760.   Private Security Officers.
            Chap. 761.   Entertainment Device Arcades.
            Chap. 763.   Mechanical Amusement Devices and Game Rooms.
            Chap. 765.   Items Designed or Marketed for Use with Marihuana or Other Controlled Substances.
            Chap. 769.   Tattooing Establishments.
            Chap. 773.   Airplanes and Helicopters.
            Chap. 775.   Massage Parlors.
            Chap. 777.   Hot Tub Establishments.
            Chap. 779.   Billiard and Pool Rooms.
            Chap. 783.   Emergency Alarm Systems.
            Chap. 785.   Adult Entertainment Establishments.
            Chap. 787.   Outdoor Collection Boxes Prohibited.
            Chap. 788.   Medical Marijuana Licensure.
            Chap. 789.   Event Centers.