In residential districts, as set forth in these Codified Ordinances, the following regulations shall apply:
   (a)   The permanent installation of LPG containers is not permitted, exceptions to include:
      (1)   In areas of the City that do not provide utilities for cooking and heating purposes.
      (2)   For use in mobile homes for cooking and heating of individual units, when the mobile home is permanently fixed on the property.
   (b)   No retail sales or wholesale sales or commercial storage of LPG containers shall be permitted.
   (c)   The storage or use of LPG and LPG containers over two and one-half pounds of water capacity is prohibited in dwellings, including basements, enclosed porches, balconies of multi-family residential units, corridors and any space within the confines of the building, exceptions to include:
      (1)   Attached private garages may be used for storage only.
      (2)   Construction and/or repair work performed by a contractor licensed under the City Building Regulations.
(Ord. 2002-38.  Passed 10-15-02; Ord. 2004-32.  Passed 7-6-04.)