Safety and Equipment
337.01   Driving unsafe vehicles; application of chapter.
337.015   Bumpers.
337.02   Lighted lights; measurement of distances and heights.
337.03   Headlights on motor vehicles and motorcycles.
337.04   Tail light; illumination of rear license plate.
337.05   Rear red reflectors.
337.06   Safety lighting on commercial vehicles.
337.07   Obscured lights on vehicles in combination.
337.08   Red light or red flag on extended loads.
337.09   Lights on parked or stopped vehicles.
337.10   Lights, emblems, and reflectors on slow-moving vehicles, farm machinery, agricultural tractors, and animal-drawn vehicles.
337.11   Spotlight and auxiliary lights.
337.12   Cowl, fender and back-up lights.
337.13   Display of lighted lights.
337.14   Use of headlight beams.
337.15   Lights of less intensity on slow- moving vehicles.
337.16   Number of lights; limitations on flashing, oscillating or rotating lights.
337.165   Lights and sound-producing devices on coroners' vehicles.
337.17   Focus and aim of headlights.
337.18   Motor vehicle and motorcycle brakes.
337.19   Horn, siren and theft alarm signal.
337.20   Muffler; muffler cutout; excessive smoke, gas or noise.
337.21   Rear-view mirror; clear view to front, both sides and rear.
337.22   Windshield required; sign or poster upon windshield; windshield wiper.
337.225   Tinted glass; materials on glass.
337.23   Limited load extension on left side of passenger vehicle.
337.24   Motor vehicle stop lights.
337.25   Air cleaner required.
337.26   Use of child restraints.
337.27   Ignition interlock devices. (Repealed)
337.28   Playing radios, etc., at high volume.
337.29   Seat belt requirements; exceptions; fines.
337.30   Air bags.
337.99   Penalty.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Warning devices for commercial vehicles disabled upon freeways - see Ohio R.C. 4513.28
   Collector's vehicles - see Ohio R.C. 4513.38, 4513.41
   Use of stop and turn signals - see TRAF. 331.14
   Wheel protectors for commercial vehicles - see TRAF. 339.05
   Vehicles transporting explosives - see TRAF. 339.06
   Towing requirements; exception to size and weight restrictions - see TRAF. 339.07
   Use of studded tires and chains - see TRAF. 339.11
   Bicycle equipment - see TRAF. 373.05 et seq.