No owner shall permit any animal:
   (A)   To trespass upon the property of one other than the owner or person having custody, possession or control of said animal;
   (B)   To use or be upon any streets, sidewalk, parkway or public area except when on a leash and accompanied by and under the control of such owner or the agent thereof;
   (C)   To enter upon any public hall, restaurant, confectionery shop, ice cream parlor, soft drink parlor, office, store, grocery, meat market, bakery or any store or shop providing for the sale of food during the time that any such places or establishments are open for use by the public or persons entitled to use them;
   (D)   To go or be upon any school premises, public playground, public bathing beach or public park within the Village or upon the path or sidewalk extending through or within any school premises or public park within the Village. (Ord. 96-O-08, 5-28-1996)