5-3-1: Abandoned Refrigerators
5-3-2: Advertising
5-3-3: Assemblages; Disturbing, Unlawful
5-3-4: Damage To Property
5-3-5: Bathing
5-3-6: Debris, Rubbish On Streets Prohibited
5-3-7: Obstructing Passageways; Sewers
5-3-8: Refuse; Combustible, Windblown
5-3-9: Reserved
5-3-10: Weapons
5-3-11: Whistles
5-3-12: Assault And Battery; Fighting
5-3-13: Disorderly Conduct
5-3-14: Gambling Generally; Bingo, Illinois State Lottery, Charitable Games And Video Gaming Excepted; Penalty; Authority
5-3-15: Nuisances
5-3-16: Obstructing, Disobeying Officers
5-3-17: Parades And Block Parties
5-3-18: Offense Of Retail Theft
5-3-18A: Presumptions
5-3-18B: Detention
5-3-18C: Affirmative Defense
5-3-19: Unlawful Use Of Weapons
5-3-20: Possession Of Cannabis (Rep. by Ord. 20-02, 1-13-2020)
5-3-21: Criminal Trespass To Land; Criminal Trespass To State Supported Land
5-3-22: Possession, Purchase, Consumption Of Alcoholic Liquor By Persons Under Twenty One Years Of Age, Exceptions
5-3-23: Drugs And Drugs Paraphernalia
5-3-24: Authorized Use Of Cannabis (Rep. by Ord. 20-02, 1-13-2020)
5-3-25: Theft
5-3-26: Deceptive Practices; Checks
5-3-27: Curfew
5-3-28: Repair, Maintenance Or Restoration Of Motor Vehicles
5-3-29: Distribution Of Handbills; Where Prohibited Properly Posted
5-3-30: Impound Of Vehicle Used By Person Soliciting For A Prostitute