The Village Administrator or his/her designee shall be contacted in case of an emergency or be the first point of contact with any issues related to special events. The Village may require five (5) days’ notice to review applications for special event permits reasonably expected to have five hundred (500) or more attendees.
   (A)   The Village may require extra duty officer(s) at any major permitted special event during all hours that the event is open to the public.
      1.   The Village Administrator or his/her designee will review each application for special event permits and determine whether extra duty officers may be required and determine the total number of extra duty officers required based on the scale of the event, street closures, and any other event criteria where Village resources or property are reasonably expected to be affected.
      2.   Should the Village require extra duty officer(s) at any major permitted event, the special event applicant (“applicant”) will be informed that the applicant will be charged, payable to the Village, with the cost per extra duty officer required for each hour served on the special duty as is established by the Chief of Police, with the concurrence of the Village Administrator.
      3.   A minimum two (2) hour shift per extra duty officer will be required.
      4.   The Cost to the applicant, payable to the Village, per extra duty officer will be the applicable overtime rate of pay, as reflective of the current Police Department Collective Bargaining Agreement. If the special duty work occurs on a holiday, as designed by the Police Department Collective Bargaining Agreement, then the cost shall be increased by one hour of additional pay for each hour of work performed.
   (B)   In addition to the provisions of Section 5-1-13(A)(1) of the Village Code, any person, firm, corporation or civic group or organization may request special police services by letter to the Village Administrator or his/her designee. It shall be the duty of the Village Administrator or his/her designee to review the request. Charges to the requestor will be determined pursuant to 5-1-13(A)(2) - 5-1-13(A)(4).
   (C)   All special events for which extra duty officers are requested shall be within the Village limits.
   (D)   All permitted special events utilizing off-site parking shall require a detailed off-site parking plan, with a clear identification of parking designations for all event attendees, and copies of any third-party off-site parking agreements.
      1.   Parking attendants are required for any permitted special event reasonably expected to have over 1,000 attendees.
   (E)   All permitted special events utilizing private security must provide a copy of a security agreement containing the following information:
      1.   The number of security personnel staffed for the entirety of the special event;
      2.   The number of armed security personnel staffed and how they will be distinguished from non-armed security personnel (i.e., clothing, badges, etc.);
      3.   Identification of the individual acting as the special event security point of contact, including all pertinent contact information; and
      4.   Type of identification items to be worn by all security personnel (i.e., clothing, badges, etc.).
   (F)   Any permitted special event must be in compliance with all occupancy standards as determined by the Tri-State Fire protection District.
   (G)   Indoor fireworks, pyrotechnics and sparklers are prohibited with any permitted special event, including but not limited to their use as part of “bottled service” or concerts.
   (H)   The Village reserves the right to add inspections as it deems fit of any permitted special event.
   (I)   Denial of Service: Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions, should the Village Administrator or his/her designee determine that the request for extra duty officers is not appropriate or that the Police Department will not be able to provide an appropriate level of service were such request to be granted, he/she may deny such requests.
   (J)   Billing: All bills for extra duty officers and special event services shall be rendered immediately after the special permitted event, or on a monthly basis, if said special permitted events are on a continuing basis. All bills issued pursuant to this section shall be paid by applicant no later than thirty (30) days after the date of billing. If payment of the bill is not made in full, within said period, then a penalty of ten percent (10%) of the amount of the bill, including any penalty thereon is to be paid. If payment is not made within forty-five (45) days after the date of billing, then an additional penalty of fifteen dollars ($15.00) shall be added thereto.
   (K)   Nonpayment: Special event scheduling may be cancelled for any person, firm, corporation, civic group or organization if a bill, including any penalties thereon, remains unpaid for an extended period of time. (Ord. 99-O-07, 4-12-1999; amd. Ord. 23-O-14, 6-12-2023)