Commercial and Heavy Vehicles
339.01   Maximum axle load, wheel load and gross weights; towing connection length.
339.02   Use of local streets; local permit and conditions.
339.021   Operation of vehicle on highways in excess of prescribed weights forbidden.
339.022   Weight of load; width of tire.
339.023   Maximum axle load, wheel load, gross weights, for pneumatic tired vehicles.
339.024   Maximum axle load, wheel load, and gross weights for solid tired vehicles.
339.025   Weight provisions for farm and log trucks and farm machinery.
339.03   Maximum width, height and length.
339.031   Reduction of weight and speed during times of thaw and moisture.
339.04   Route and load information.
339.041   Statement of gross vehicle weight.
339.05   Wheel protectors.
339.06   Vehicles transporting explosives.
339.07   Towing requirements.
339.08   Loads dropping or leaking, removal required; tracking mud.
339.09   Shifting load; loose loads.
339.10   Vehicles with spikes, lugs and chains.
339.11   Use of studded tires and chains.
339.12   Weighing vehicles; scales to be used; removal of excess load; alteration of weight limits.
339.13   Pleasant Valley Bridge load limit.
339.14   Civil liability.
339.15   Notice of arrest.
339.16   Issuance of special permits.
339.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Weighing vehicle; removal of excess load - see Ohio R.C. 4513.33
Arrest notice of driver - see Ohio R.C. 5577.14
Slower moving vehicles to be driven in right-hand lane - see TRAF. 331.01(b)