TITLE THREE - Local Building Provisions
Chap. 1331.  Permits, Fees and Deposits.
Chap. 1333.  Architectural Board of Review.
Chap. 1335.  Moving of Buildings.
Chap. 1337.  Exterior Maintenance Code.
Chap. 1339.  Removal of Topsoil.
Chap. 1341.  Temporary Shelters.
Chap. 1343.  Regulations for Keeping Horses and Cows.
Chap. 1345.  Building Numbering.
Chap. 1347.  Fire Alarm Systems.
Chap. 1349.  Licensing Multiple Dwellings.
Chap. 1359.  Satellite Signal-Receiving Earth Stations.
Chap. 1361.  Division of Building Engineering and Inspection.
Chap. 1365.  Site and Grading Plan Regulations.
Chap. 1367.  Comprehensive Storm Water Management.
Chap. 1369.  Erosion and Sediment Control.
Chap. 1373.  Registration of Contractors.
Chap. 1375.  Dumpsters and Refuse Container Regulations.
Chap. 1377.  Illicit Discharge and Illegal Connection Control.
         Chap.  1379.  Small Cell Facilities and Wireless Support Structure
      Within the Right-of-Way.