Historic Preservation Districts and Listed Properties
1347.01   Declaration of public policy and purpose.
1347.02   Definitions.
1347.03   Establishment of the Willoughby Historic Preservation District.
1347.04   Establishment of the Design Review Board.
1347.05   Organization and procedure of the Board.
1347.06   Duties of the Board.
1347.07   Limitations on issuance of building, demolition and  sign permits.
1347.08   Issuance of Certificate of Appropriateness.
1347.09   Criteria for evaluating application for Certificate of Appropriateness.
1347.10   Exclusions.
1347.11   Provisions of chapter prevail in case of conflict.
1347.12   Designated criteria for additional preservation districts and listed properties.
1347.13   Procedure for establishing preservation districts and listing of properties.
1347.14   Violations and enforcement.
1347.15   Consent to become part of a preservation district or to be designated as a listed property. (Repealed)
1347.99   Penalty. (Repealed)