Upon satisfactory fulfillment of the foregoing requirements and a satisfactory examination having been passed, the Chief of Police shall, upon payment of the required fee, issue to the applicant a driver's license. Any licensee who defaces, removes or obliterates his license or any official entry made upon his license shall be punished by a revocation of his license. The licensee shall notify the Chief of Police of any change in his address and at all times shall keep his correct address on file in the office of the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police may renew drivers' licenses from year to year upon payment of the required fee without requiring anew the information provided for in Section 769.15, but new photographs may be required when and as often as is deemed necessary. A driver, in applying for a renewal of his license, shall make application not less than thirty days next preceding its expiration, upon a form to be furnished by the Chief of Police entitled "Application for renewal of taxicab driver's license", which shall be filled out with the name and address of the applicant, together with a statement of the date upon which his original license was granted, the number thereof and such other information as the Chief of Police may require.
(Ord. 1952-34. Passed 7-14-52; Ord 1999-23. Passed 1-19-99.)