The application for a driver's license shall be made in writing by the applicant upon blank forms to be furnished by the Chief of Police. The application shall be accompanied by two unmounted, unretouched photographs of the applicant taken within 100 days of the date of the application and which shall not be less than two by three inches in size and suitable for attachment to such license. If the license is issued to the applicant, one photograph shall be securely attached to the license issued to such person and the other shall be filed with the application in the office of the Chief of Police. Each licensed driver shall display at all times the license and photograph in his taxicab so that any passenger occupying the taxicab may inspect it. Upon demand of any police officer, the licensed driver shall exhibit the license to him. When the application for a license is denied, one copy of the photograph shall be returned to the applicant and the other kept in the files of the office of the Chief of Police.
(Ord. 1952-34. Passed 7-14-52.)