(A)   There is hereby established an auxiliary police force to be known as the Police Reserve Force.  It shall be composed of personnel who have volunteered to join the organization and whose application for membership has been accepted and who have complied with all the rules, regulations, and orders provided for the conduct and control of the members thereof.  It shall be composed of not to exceed 25 members.
   (B)   Before the Police Reserve Force is activated, the reserve officers must comply with the minimum training standards established by the State Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education minimum standards established for all reserve law enforcement officers.  The minimum standards, so established, must be fulfilled before a person appointed as a reserve law enforcement officer may carry a weapon or otherwise act as a peace officer.  Members of the Police Reserve Force shall not be allowed to wear rank on their uniforms.
(Ord. 87-120, passed 1-20-1987)