For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   APPLICANT.  A person who has filed a written application for a parade permit.
   CITY MANAGER.  The City Manager of the City of Willis, or his or her designated representative.
   MOTORCADE.  An organized procession containing 25 or more motor vehicles, except funeral processions, upon any public street, sidewalk, or alley in the city.
   PARADE.  Any assembly, march, demonstration, procession, or motorcade upon public roadways within the city consisting of three or more persons, animals, or vehicles, or any combination thereof, with an intent of attracting public attention that interferes with or has a tendency to interfere with the normal flow or regulation of traffic upon public roadways.
   PARADE PARTICIPANT.  Any person who is a parade permittee or has been approved by the parade permittee to walk, march, drive, or ride in the parade.
   PARADE PERMIT.  Written approval from the Police Chief, or his or her designated representative, for a parade or roadway assembly.
   PERMITTEE.  The person to whom a parade permit is granted pursuant to this chapter.
   POLICE CHIEF.  The Police Chief of the City of Willis, or his or her designated representative.
   ROADWAY.  The portion of a highway or street that is improved, designed, or ordinarily used for vehicular travel.
   STREET.  The width between the boundary lines of a publicly maintained way, any part of which is open to the public for vehicular travel.
(Ord. 05-1018, passed 10-18-2005; Ord. 11-0215, passed 2-15-2011; Ord. 12-0320A, passed 3-20-2012)