For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ANTIQUE AUTO.  A passenger car or truck that is at least 25 years old.
      (1)   A covered shelter as defined in the 2003 International Residential Code, § R309.4; used for automobiles and other motor vehicles which is open on at least two sides and is attached to or in close proximity to a residence.
      (2)   CARPORT floor surfaces shall be of approved noncombustible material and shall be sloped to facilitate adequate drainage towards the main vehicle entry doorway.
   JUNKED VEHICLE.  A motor vehicle, as defined in Tex. Transportation Code, §§ 683.071 et seq., that is self-propelled and:
      (1)   Does not have lawfully attached to it an unexpired license plate or a valid motor vehicle safety inspection certificate attached to it; and
      (2)   Is:
         (a)   Wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, or discarded; or
         (b)   Inoperable and has remained inoperable for more than:
            1.   Seventy-two consecutive hours, if the vehicle is on public property; or
            2.   Thirty consecutive days, if the vehicle is on private property.
   MOTOR VEHICLE.  A motor vehicle subject to registration under the State Certificate of Title Act, Tex. Trans. Code, § 501.002(14).
   SPECIAL INTEREST VEHICLE.  A motor vehicle of any age that has not been altered or modified from the original manufacturer's specifications, and is being preserved by hobbyists because of the historic interest of the vehicle.
(Ord. 06-0418, passed 4-18-2006)