(A)   No person shall dump, release, or abandon any animal on any property, whether public or private, within this city.
   (B)   Any person who keeps, harbors, feeds, shelters, or otherwise allows any stray animal, or any animal which has been dumped, released, or abandoned, to remain on his or her property or allows or permits egress and/or ingress for seven or more days without notifying the Animal Control Officer shall hereby be deemed the owner of the animal.
   (C)   A person commits an offense if he or she intentionally abandons an animal in his or her custody.
   (D)   Exceptions: persons identified by the Animal Control Officer as “caretakers” participating in a city-approved trap, neuter, and release program for felines.
(Ord. 09-1013, passed 10-13-2009; Ord. 12-1218C, passed 12-18-2012)  Penalty, see § 90.999