§ 90.022  IMPOUNDMENT.
   (A)   It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer to apprehend, confine, and impound all dogs and other animals as follows:
      (1)   All dogs or other animals infected or suspected of being infected with rabies and all animals exposed to an animal infected with rabies, including animals known to have been bitten by a rabid animal, whether the animal to be impounded is running at large, or on a leash, or whether it is confined to its owner’s premises;
      (2)   Animals which have bitten a person or which have been exposed to rabies; and
      (3)   Animals which are strays, at large, or unrestrained; with the exception of felines enrolled in a city-approved trap, neuter, and release program.
   (B)   All animals picked up under this section shall be impounded by the Animal Control Officer in an animal shelter or other impounding facility and confined in a humane manner.
   (C)   Immediately upon impounding any animal, the animal shelter shall make a complete registry of the animal, entering the breed, color, and sex of the animal, and the place and time it was taken into custody.  Upon intake, the animal shelter is authorized to immunize each impounded animal against rabies and other common infectious diseases and to provide such other treatment as may be appropriate to the apparent age and physical condition of the animal.
   (D)   Immediately upon impounding any animal, the Animal Control Officer or animal shelter shall make every reasonable effort to notify the owner and inform the owner of the conditions whereby the owner may regain custody of the animal.  Animals bearing license tags or identification shall be held five full days.  Animals bearing no tags or identification shall be held three days.  Animals not claimed by their owners within the above-specified times shall become the property of the city.
   (E)   Disposal of an animal by any method specified herein does not relieve the owner of liability for violations and any accrued charges and penalties.
   (F)   When an owner makes a request to relinquish his or her animal to animal control, a fee for services requested will be required and followed as follows:  $25 for the first animal; $15 for the second animal; and $5 for each subsequent animal.  The owner or custodian shall be determined by § 90.002.  The owner shall be required to sign an "owner turn in" release identification card which releases the officer and the city from any and all responsibilities, either civil or criminal.  By signing the "owner turn in" card, the owner shall surrender all claims to the animal.
(Ord. 09-1013, passed 10-13-2009; Ord. 12-1218C, passed 12-18-2012; Ord. 15-0421B, passed 4-21-2015)