§ 154.50  VARIANCES.
   (A)   Where literal compliance with any provision or standard of these regulations creates or causes unnecessary or impractical hardship in the subdividing of a tract of land, the Council shall have the authority to grant a modification in the application or the provision or standard.
   (B)   In no case, however, shall the Council grant any modification unless it finds that all of the following conditions are satisfied:
      (1)   The modified proposal would conform to the city plan;
      (2)   Literal enforcement of a provision would render subdivision of the. tract of land impractical;
      (3)   Literal enforcement of a provision will result in an unnecessary or impractical hardship in the subdivision of a tract of land; and
      (4)   Granting of a modification will not have the effect of preventing the orderly subdivision of other land in the area in accordance with the provisions of these controls.
(Ord. 96-0220, passed 2-20-1996; Ord. 19-1022A, passed 10-22-2019)