The applicant shall submit two physical copies and/or one electronic copy of all required plans, profiles, details, charts, schedules, and specifications pertaining to all public improvements to the city for review and approval by the City Director of Community Development, City Director of Public Works, and City Engineer. Electronic copies shall be in PDF format and be of sufficient resolution and quality for a detailed review. The preparation of the engineering documents shall be in accordance with accepted engineering practices, all city ordinances and standards, and be signed, sealed, and dated by a State of Texas registered Professional Engineer. The City Director of Community Development shall, upon receipt of the applicable filing fees and engineering documents, transmit one copy to the City Director of Public Works and one copy the City Engineer. The City Director of Public Works and the City Engineer shall return an electronic copy to the city with his or her comments and/or approval or statement of no objection. The developer shall cause to have made all changes or corrections to the documents, as outlined by the City Engineer, so as to conform with all applicable city standards and regulations, and shall furnish the city with two physical copies and one electronic copy of the final approved plans and specifications.
(Ord. 96-0220, passed 2-20-1996; Ord. 19-1022A, passed 10-22-2019)