(A)   A conservation design subdivision designed in accordance with this section and § 154.251 is a by-right permitted use option in the E-1, E-2, R-1, R-2, R-2A, R-3 and R-4 zoning districts. Other development options include a conventional residential subdivision or a planned unit development residential subdivision. When this option is utilized, the regulations of this section are intended to encourage subdivision designs that are more efficient and provide more open space and greater natural resource protection than conventional subdivision designs. One goal of conservation design subdivisions is to allow more compact and less costly networks of streets and utilities. They may also help preserve aquifer recharge, reduce stormwater runoff, reduce non-point source pollutant loading rates and preserve an area’s semi-rural character. Conservation design subdivisions are intended to encourage the provision of open space and recreational amenities for residents and preserve natural, environmentally sensitive and other resources.
   (B)   The conservation design subdivision standards of this section require that a specified portion of each development be set aside and permanently preserved as open space, which can be used to provide recreational opportunities for the subdivision’s residents and/or to conserve and protect significant natural resources, in accordance with the regulations of this chapter.
   (C)   Review period. No later than five years from the date of passage of the initial Conservation Design Ordinance, the County Board, or a committee, subcommittee or commission thereof, shall consider whether amendments are necessary to make this section, §§ 154.251, 154.265 through 154.269 and 154.280 through 154.286 consistent with recommendations of the Land Resource Management Plan, to encourage new or improved conservation design building practices which may have been developed and which may have application in the county, to correct deficiencies or difficulties which may have developed in administration of §§ 154.250, 154.251, 154.265 through 154.269 and 154.280 through 154.286, or for other reasons as the County Board may determine.
(Ord. passed 7-8-1970; Res. 09-167, passed 6-18-2009) Penalty, see § 154.999