§ 119.051  REPORTS.
   Each of the reviewing departments shall, within 25 days after transmittal of the application thereto:
   (A)   Review the application;
   (B)   Conduct inspections of the proposed licensed premises and background investigations of the applicant and any of the individuals identified in the application pursuant to § 119.038 regarding matters within their respective jurisdictions, as shall be reasonably necessary to verify the information set forth in the application and to determine whether the proposed adult entertainment establishment and licensed premises comply with the requirements of this chapter and other applicable laws, codes, ordinances, rules and regulations; and
   (C)   Prepare and submit to the Adult Use Commission a written report regarding the results and findings for reviews, inspections and investigations.
(1980 Code, § 119.051)  (Res. 99-320, passed 8-19-1999)