(A)   Fee.  Every applicant for an adult establishment license or the renewal of an existing adult establishment license shall pay an administrative processing fee in the amount of $200 by certified check to the county at the time of filing the application. The administrative processing fee shall in all cases be non-refundable and shall be deposited in the general corporate fund of the county.
   (B)   Bond or other security.  Each adult establishment license, and any renewals thereof, shall be conditioned on the acquisition and maintenance in good standing by the applicant and licensee of a surety bond or other similar security in favor of the county in the amount of $5,000 to the county. Before an adult establishment license may be issued, the applicant shall furnish the bond or security, and before an adult establishment license is renewed or reinstated following revocation or suspension, the licensee shall submit evidence that the bond or other security, in the amount required pursuant hereto, remains in full force and effect. The bond or other security, or part thereof, for an adult entertainment establishment shall be forfeited automatically pursuant to §§ 119.140 and 119.141 of this chapter in order to reimburse the county for the county’s costs in association with the proceedings related to any suspension or revocation of the license.
(1980 Code, § 119.032)  (Res. 99-320, passed 8-19-1999)