(A)   The Medical Director will serve Sunny Hill Nursing Home (the Home) on a part-time basis.
   (B)   The Medical Director will provide consultation to the Director of Nursing and the Administrator in a way as to ensure the coordination of medical care within the Home, the adequacy and appropriateness of medical services to the patients, and the surveillance of the health status of employees.
   (C)   The Medical Director will participate in the development of policies and procedures related to the responsibilities of attending physicians and function as a liaison between the Home and the medical community.
   (D)   The Medical Director will review reports of incidents and accidents involving residents and employees in an effort to identify hazards to health and safety.
   (E)   The Medical Director will provide appropriate advice to the Administrator to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for patients and employees.
   (F)   The Medical Director will serve as the Chairperson of the Home’s Patient Care Committee and Utilization Review Committee.
   (G)   The Medical Director will participate in staff development programs.
   (H)   The Home will take appropriate action on advice and recommendation of the Medical Director.
   (I)   The Home will pay the Medical Director a set fee per month and an additional fee per contract hour for his or her services as described above.
(1980 Code, § 35.07)  (Res. 89-208, adopted 8-17-1989)