General Provisions
   70.001   State Uniform Act adopted
   70.002   Definitions
   70.003   Unauthorized operation of a motor vehicle on private property
   70.004   Riding or driving on sidewalks restricted
   70.005   Use of vehicles on certain property restricted
   70.006   Use of hand-held mobile telephones prohibited in school zones
Traffic Control Devices
   70.010   Traffic control devices to be consistent with Texas Manual
   70.011   Director of Public Utilities to implement placement and maintenance
   70.012   Driver to obey traffic control devices
   70.013   Unauthorized signs and signals
   70.014   Defacement of traffic devices
   70.020   Accident reports
   70.021   Removing vehicle from scene of accident
   70.022   Restrictions on activities of wrecker drivers at scene of accident
   70.023   Garages to keep records of damaged vehicles
Emergency Vehicles
   70.040   Emergency vehicles exempted from certain regulations
   70.041   Operators of emergency vehicles required to drive responsibly
Traffic Obstruction
   70.050   Unlawful to maintain traffic obstruction
   70.051   Municipality may abate obstruction and assess lien
   70.052   Filing statement of expense
Fire Trucks and Fire Hoses
   70.060   Drivers to stop for fire trucks; parking near fires
   70.061   Driving over fire hose
Speed Limits
   70.070   Speed limits generally
   70.071   Excessively slow speed prohibited
Truck Routes
   70.080   Director of Public Utilities authorized to establish truck routes
   70.081   Compliance required
   70.082   Separate offenses
Parades and Processions
   70.090   Permit for parades and processions
   70.091   Funeral processions
   70.092   Escorts and traffic safety
   70.093   Funeral escorts
   70.100   Rules for operation
   70.101   Impounding; sale of impounded bicycles
   70.102   Penalties for minors violating bicycle riding regulations