The policy of the town regarding furnishing water and sewer outside the corporate limits of the town is as follows:
   (A)   The town will extend its water and sewer lines in appropriate size to its corporate limits.
   (B)   The person desiring extension of the town’s water and sewer lines outside of the town shall be known as the “extender”. The extender shall cause to be prepared plans and specifications for the extension of the town’s water and sewer mains to and within the extender’s property and same shall be approved by the town, its engineer and the appropriate state regulatory agencies. The work shall be performed to the approval of a North Carolina licensed professional engineer paid by the extender and overseeing the extender’s project, who shall present to the Town of White Lake and the appropriate state regulatory agencies a certificate of completion along with “as-built” plans and specifications of the work.
   (C)   The extender shall furnish all materials and fittings and shall perform all labor to construct water and sanitary sewer mains, service laterals and meter setters on portions of his or her property in accordance with the approved locations, plans and specifications. All meters shall be furnished  and installed by the town.
   (D)   Water and sewer tapping fees and service lateral charges shall be collected by the town in accordance with its standard charges for service connections between water and sanitary sewer mains and structures along the utility mains for each structure served.
   (E)   Water and sewer services will be supplied to structures in accordance with the town’s rules, regulations, and rate schedules applicable to its out-of-town service and in effect at the time of application for service, subject to charges as may be made by the Town Board. The plumbing code, and other applicable codes in effect in the town from time to time, shall apply to all plumbing installed in structures on the extender’s property and between meters and the structures.
   (F)   Commencement of water and sewer service by the town through any water or sewer mains and any extensions made thereto, shall result in all mains and meters becoming the sole property of the town who will repair, maintain, and service all facilities.
   (G)   The extender shall agree for himself or herself and all his or her heirs, personal representatives, and assigns, that the town shall have the right, in its discretion, to extend its corporate limits to include any portion or all of the land in which the town is furnishing water and sanitary sewer to the extent and in a manner provided by law.
   (H)   It shall be understood with the extender and his or her heirs, personal representatives, and assigns, or, in the event the extender is a corporation, with its successors and assigns, that in no event shall the town be subject to any liability whatsoever as a result of the water and sewer services rendered or the failure for any reason to render the services.
   (I)   The town reserves the right to refuse to extend its water and sewer lines beyond its corporate limits.
(1983 Code, § 17-6) (Ord. passed 9-22-1961; Am. Res. passed 1-4-1972; Am. Ord. passed 6-6-1984; Am. Motion passed 3-13-2007; Am. Motion passed 8-13-2013; Am. Ord. 2014-01, passed 11-12-2013) Penalty, see § 51.99