(a)    No person, group of persons or organization shall conduct or participate in any street parade, procession or moving assemblage, other than a funeral procession, upon any street or public thoroughfare without first obtaining a permit from the Director of Public Safety.
   (b)    Applications for such permits shall be available at all times at the Police Department and during regular business hours at City Hall made in such form as the Director prescribes and shall contain such information as is reasonably necessary to arrive at a fair determination of whether a permit should be issued. Applications for such permits shall be filed with the Director not less than ten days before the time intended for such parade, procession or assemblage. However, for good cause shown by sworn statement in writing, the Director may accept an application for a permit less than ten days before its intended use.
   (c)    The Director may cancel or refuse to issue a parade, procession or assemblage permit if the traffic conditions which would be created as a result of the parade would extraordinarily hinder the movement of traffic or where traffic conditions would become extraordinarily congested due to a fire, storm or sudden emergency which would result in the diversion of sufficient police officers or firemen so as to deprive the City of normal police and fire protection or would be reasonably likely to provoke disorderly conduct or create a disturbance.
   (d)    The permit or any order accompanying it may limit or prescribe reasonable conditions, including the hours, the places of assembly and of dispersal, the route of march or travel and the streets, highways or portions thereof which may be used or occupied.
   (e)   If the Director denies an application for a permit, he shall notify the applicant of his decision and the grounds thereof either by certified mail or personal service within five days after the date of the application. The applicant may file a written request for an appeal to an Appeals Board comprised of the Mayor, Auditor and City Attorney from such decision, together with exceptions to the grounds upon which the Director based his denial of the application, by leaving such notice in writing at the office of the City Attorney. Upon filing such request the Appeals Board shall meet and within forty-eight hours render a report either granting or denying the application for permit.
(Ord. 19-75. Passed 7-1-75.)
   (f)   Whoever violates any provision of this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor on a first offense; on a second offense within one year after the first offense, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree; on each subsequent offense within one year after the first offense, the person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree.