(a)   Each of the following officers and employees of the City shall furnish bonds or liability insurance with sufficient surety as determined by the Auditor:
$ “sufficient surety”
Auditor/Income Tax Commissioner
$ “sufficient surety”
Deputy Auditor
$ “sufficient surety”
Deputy Tax Commissioner
$ “sufficient surety”
   (b)   The Mayor is hereby authorized to obtain blanket bonds or through liability insurance of a sufficient amount for each employee or elected official of the City except the Treasurer, Auditor/Income Tax Commissioner, Deputy Auditor and Deputy Tax Commissioner pursuant to the provisions of Ohio R.C. 3.06 or Ohio R.C. 2744.081.
   (c)   The cost of such bonds or liability insurance as described above shall be paid for by the City from the funds previously appropriated for such purposes and as provided for by Ohio R.C. 3929.17, and the Auditor and Treasurer are hereby authorized to pay the premiums on such bonds or through liability insurance.
(Ord. 065-2022. Passed 10-4-22.)