(a)   The Auditor is hereby authorized to reimburse the chairman of the following specified commissions and boards for any and all necessary expenses incurred by them in the course of their official business: Board of Health, Planning Commission, Recreation Commission, Medical Advisory Board, the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals. In lieu of specific itemized expenses, each board or commission member, exclusive of Council committees, shall be automatically provided a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) stipend per meeting attended as reimbursement for expenses and this is not deemed to be an earned wage for any purpose.
(Ord. 047-2013. Passed 8-20-13.)
   (b)   The chairman of each commission or board shall present all bills or expenses to the Board of Control for approval. Approved bills shall then be presented to the Auditor for payment.
   (c)   All payments made under this section shall be paid out of the general funds of the City. (Ord. 104-93. Passed 12-21-93.)