(a)    The Rules and Regulations of the Civil Service Commission, adopted by the Whitehall Civil Service Commission on December 9, 1975, a copy of which is hereby attached and included by reference as if fully rewritten herein, are hereby approved.
   (b)    The Clerk of Council is directed to send certified copies of this section to the Whitehall Civil Service Commission, to the Whitehall City School District and to the State Board of Personnel and Review. (Ord. 121-75. Passed 1-20-75.)
   EDITOR’S NOTE: The Civil Service Commission Rules have been amended by Ordinance 67-94 passed October 4, 1994, amending Rule IV to delete maximum age requirements for police and fire applicants and adding a requirement that certified copies of necessary documents be appended to the application; Ordinance 2-98, passed February 17, 1998, amending Rule IV to clarify minimum and maximum ages for original appointments of public safety offices; Ordinance 3-98, passed January 20, 1998, amending Rules V(1), V(5) and VII(9) to implement a two-stage promotional examination to include assessment center evaluations for the City safety forces; Ordinance 38-04, passed September 21, 2004, amending Rule XI, Payroll Procedures, paragraph 2, changing references to the Ohio Revised Code.