(a)    There is hereby established the Whitehall Emergency Paramedical Advisory Board. Appointed members shall serve without fee and at no cost to the City.
   (b)    The Board shall consist of five members: four physicians licensed with the State of Ohio, and the fifth member shall be the Emergency Medical Supervisor of the Fire Department.
   (c)    Appointments to the Board shall be made by the Mayor. The original appointments of the four licensed physicians shall be two for two years and two for three years, with each subsequent appointment for a term of three years. The Emergency Medical Supervisor shall be a permanent member of the Board.
   (d)    The function of the Board is as follows:
      (1)    Approve a working protocol for the paramedic program.
      (2)    Monitor the continuing education received and make recommendations of training needs.
      (3)    Be familiar with State statutes and other regulations governing emergency medical services.
      (4)    Periodically meet to discuss complaints, review reports and recommend necessary corrections; and provide any other information or recommendations for the good welfare of the Paramedic service.
      (5)    One physician member, as designated by the Chief of the Fire Department, shall sign the annual State Board of Pharmacy application to permit the Fire Department to be terminal distributor of dangerous drugs.
         (Ord. 86-82. Passed 9-21-82.)
      (6)    Residency of the City of Whitehall is not a requirement.
         (Ord. 102-76. Passed 10-19-76.)