(a)    The Mayor is hereby authorized to maintain and keep a supply of the official flags of the City for distribution and/or sale in accordance with the provisions set forth herein.
   (b)    The Mayor is hereby authorized to distribute a flag to all elected City officials and to arrange to have the City's flag on display in prominent places in or upon municipally owned buildings.
   (c)    The Mayor and/or Council are hereby authorized to present such flags to persons or organizations who have performed outstanding service to the people of Whitehall or to individuals who have achieved prominence in their field of endeavor and are to be recognized by the City for their achievements or to commemorate special events.
   (d)    The Mayor is authorized to sell the official flag of the City to individuals or organizations at cost, with the money from such sale to be paid to the Municipal Treasury.
(Ord. 123-69. Passed 12-23-69.)