(a)    A City Planning Commission, a Civil Service Commission, a Parks and Recreation Commission, and a Board of Control are hereby established by this Charter. The Council may establish by ordinance such other commissions or boards as it may deem necessary as provided in this Charter.
   (b)    An appointee, to be eligible to serve as a member of a board or commission of the City, shall be and remain a qualified elector of the City of Whitehall; provided however, the Mayor may, with the consent of Council, waive the requirement of being an elector. However, no board or commission shall have a majority of nonqualified electors of the City of Whitehall.
   (c)    A vacancy occurring during the term of any member of a Board or Commission shall be filled for the unexpired term in the manner authorized for an original appointment.
   (d)    The Mayor shall have the right to remove an appointed member of a Board or Commission with the approval of two-thirds of the elected members of Council.
   (e)    All meetings of Boards and Commissions shall be open to the public.
   (f)    All members of Boards or Commissions shall serve without compensation unless otherwise provided for by ordinance.
   (g)    Members of Boards and Commissions presently serving under the statutory form of government shall continue to serve until December 31 of the year closest to the expiration of their term.
   (h)    All appointments to boards and commissions will be made for the full term except to fill a vacancy for an unexpired term or when additional members are being added and a shorter term is required to maintain staggered terms of appointments.
   (i)    When two or more new appointments are made, as provided in this Charter, the initial terms shall be for a period of time which will insure that not more than two members of that particular board or commission will end their terms concurrently.
(Amended 5-5-70)