(a)    Upon being served the order as provided for in Section l 335.02(f) and Section 1335.03, the owner may make immediate application in writing or in person to the Building Division for a special building permit to undertake the repairs or replacement of the items, as described in the list of rehabilitation specifications, found to constitute the public nuisance.
(Ord. 80-87. Passed 11-3-87.)
   (b)    Such application for a special building permit shall be made as provided for in subsection (a) hereof, within thirty days following receipt of the order provided for in Section 1335.02(f). This special building permit shall be issued for a period of thirty days and within such thirty days the owner shall effect and complete the repairs or replacements, or the Director of Public Service may authorize an extension to the special building permit if the owner shows cause or reason for the requested extension.
(Ord. 47-89. Passed 5-2-89.)