For purposes of this chapter the following definitions shall apply:
   (a)    "Public nuisance" means any garage, shed, barn, house, building or structure if by reason of the condition in which it is permitted to be or remain, it shall or may endanger the health, life, limb or property of any person or persons, or cause any hurt, harm, damage, injury or loss to any person or persons in any one or more of the following ways, means or particulars:
      (1)   By reasons of being dilapidated, decayed, unsafe or unsanitary, is detrimental to health, morals, safety, public welfare and the well-being of the community, endangers life or property, or is conducive to ill health, delinquency and crime;
      (2)    By reason of being a fire hazard; or
      (3)    By reason that the conditions of the public nuisance, and its surrounding grounds, are not reasonably or adequately maintained thereby causing deterioration and creating a blighting influence or condition on nearby properties and thereby depreciating the value, use and enjoyment of such properties to such an extent that it is harmful to the public health, welfare, morals, safety and the economic stability of the area, community or neighborhood in which such a public nuisance is located.
   (b)    "Owner" means the "owner" or "owners" of record shown on the tax records of the Franklin County (Ohio) Auditor's Office, and shall also include any purchaser or purchasers who are buying under a land contract which is recorded in either the Miscellaneous Records or the Mortgage Section Records of Franklin County (Ohio).
      (Ord. 80-87. Passed 11-3-87.)