For on site construction from time to time the Building Inspector upon notification from the permit holder or his agent shall make or cause to be made any necessary inspections and shall either approve that portion of the construction as completed or shall notify the permit holder or his agent wherein the same fails to comply with this Code.
   (a)    Foundation and Framing.
      (1)   Foundation inspection. Commonly made after poles or piers are set or trenches or basement areas are excavated and forms erected and any required reinforcing steel is in place and prior to the placing of concrete.
      (2)    Frame and masonry inspection. Commonly made after the roof, masonry, all framing, firestopping, and bracing are in place and all electrical pipes, chimneys and vents are complete.
      (3)    Lath and/or wallboard inspection. Commonly made after all lathing and/or wallboard interior is in place, but before any plastering is applied, or before wallboard joints and fasteners are taped and finished.
   (b)    Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical. 
      (1)    Rough inspections. Commonly made prior to covering or concealment and before fixtures are set.
      (2)    Final inspection. Commonly made upon completion of fixture inspection.
   (c)    Other Inspections. In addition to the called inspections above, the Building Department may make or require any other inspections to ascertain compliance with this Code and other laws enforced by the Building Department, such as insulation.
   (d)    Final Inspection. Commonly made after building is completed and ready for occupancy.
   (e)    Written Approval. Work shall not be done on any part of the building or structure beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining the written approval of the Building Inspector. Such written approval shall be given only after an inspection shall have been made of each successive step in the construction as indicated by each of the inspections required above.
      (Ord. 38-87. Passed 5-5-87.)