(a)    General. The provisions of this Code are not intended to limit the appropriate use of materials, appliances, equipment or methods of design or construction not specifically prescribed by this Code, provided the Building Official determines that the proposed alternate materials, appliances, equipment or methods of design or construction are at least equivalent to that prescribed in this code in suitability, quality, strength, effectiveness, fire resistance, durability, dimensional stability, safety and sanitation.
   The Building Official may require that evidence or proof be submitted to substantiate any claim that may be made regarding the proposed alternate.
(Ord. 38-87. Passed 5-5-87.)
   (b)    Tests. Determination of equivalence shall be based on design or test methods specified by the Code adopted in Section 1301.05 or by other such standards approved by the Building Official. The Building Official may accept as supporting data to assist in this determination duly authenticated research reports from the Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Committee on Research and Compliance Reports of the Southern Building Code Congress International, Research Reports of the International Conference of Building Officials, Research Reports of the National Research Board of the Council of American Building Officials, Acceptance documents from the Department of Housing and Urban Development or from other approved authoritative sources for all materials or assemblies proposed for use which are not specifically provided for this Code. The costs of all tests, reports and investigations required under these provisions shall be paid by the applicant.
(Ord. 90-98. Passed 10-6-98.)