It shall be the duty of the Electrical Safety Inspector and he is hereby authorized and empowered to enter upon and into, at any and all reasonable times so far as may be necessary for the performance of his duties, any building within the City, for the purpose of examining, testing and inspecting any and all electrical equipment or any addition, extension or alteration made in the same, and any person, persons, firm or corporations interfering with the Electrical safety Inspector in the performance of such duties, shall be liable to the penalties hereinafter provided for in this chapter. The Electrical Safety Inspector and/or Building Official is also authorized and empowered to cause the electrical energy to be discontinued from the circuit where any person or persons may be found violating the provisions of this chapter. It shall be considered a misdemeanor under this chapter for the circuit to be reconnected until such violations shall have been corrected. The Electrical Safety Inspector is hereby authorized and empowered to adopt and enforce rules and regulations for electrical work not covered by this chapter which will require a factor of safety for such work equal to that provided for work covered by this chapter.
(Ord. 011-2014. Passed 4-1-14.)