(a)    The following signs are prohibited, and shall not be construed as nonconforming signs.
      (1)    Signs containing statements, words or pictures of an obscene, indecent or immoral character, such as will offend public morals or decency.
      (2)    Signs which imitate an official traffic sign or signal or which contain the words "stop", "go slow", "caution", "danger", "warning" or similar words, except as provided in Section 1127.04(d),
      (3)    Signs which are of a size, location, movement, content, coloring or manner of illumination which may be confused with or construed as a traffic control device or which hide from view any traffic or street sign or signal or which obstruct the view in any direction at a street or road intersection.
      (4)    Signs which advertise an activity, business, product or service no longer produced or conducted on the premises upon which the sign is located.
         A.   Where the owner or lessor of the premises is seeking a new tenant, such signs may remain in place for not more than thirty days from the date of vacancy. When the sign structure is safe and otherwise in conformance with provisions of this chapter, the sign face may be removed, covered or painted and the structure may remain, without limitation, for 180 days.
      (5)    Signs which contain or consist of pennants, ribbons, streamers, spinners, balloons, strings of light bulbs or other similar or moving devices.
         A.    These devices when not part of any sign are similarly prohibited unless they are utilized for illumination purposes at special civic and religious functions, construction sites, holiday decorations and temporary public entertainment of a nonpromotional nature.
         B.    The use of strings of white light bulbs at temporary seasonal sales shall be permitted when permanent type lighting is not practical, subject to approval by the Director of Public Service.
      (6)    Signs which are pasted or attached to utility poles, trees, fences or other signs. For example, small signs added or attached to the primary identification sign, or sign support structure, are prohibited.
      (7)    Exterior, portable signs, folding signs and similar moveable signs are prohibited.
      (8)    On-premises signs mounted on a vehicle shall be prohibited.
      (9)    Paper, cloth or similar temporary signs displayed outside the building are prohibited except as allowed in Section 1127.04(b).
   (b)    The following signs are prohibited and shall be removed in accordance with Section 1127.12, or with the change of ownership of the building or business, or when the business has been discontinued for a thirty day period. Nor shall such signs be relocated or altered in any manner, except to permanently remove entire elements.
      (1)    Signs which move in any manner, or rotate, shall not exceed eight movements or revolutions per minute.
      (2)    Sign ornamentation which swings or otherwise noticeably moves as a result of wind pressure because of the manner of suspension or attachment.
      (3)    Signs which are painted directly on the wall or any other part of a building except for those signs in existence at the time of passage of this subsection.
      (4)    Signs which are placed on or extend over sidewalks in a Municipal, County or State right of way. (See also Section 1127.05(b)(2).)
         (Ord. 013-2018. Passed 3-6-18.)