(a)    A structure or other use of land, except parking, shall locate no closer to a street right of way than the established setback requirement or the minimum front yard depth, whichever is greater.
   (b)    In an LCD, GCD or OD District, the required setback may be reduced to the lesser requirement specified, provided all parking or automobile spaces are located behind the front line of the building in accordance with the site plan approved by the Planning Commission.
   (c)    On a corner lot fronting on Broad Street, Main Street, Hamilton Road or Yearling Road, the setback on any side street used for access to the lot shall be a minimum of twenty-five feet provided the first ten feet of this setback from the right-of-way line shall be landscaped and shall not be used for parking.
(Ord. 68-70. Passed 6-2-70; Ord. 34-95. Passed 6-6-95.)