(a)   Purpose. The General Commerce District (GCD) is intended to accommodate a broad mixture of commercial land uses with an emphasis on commerce and shoppers goods, service uses, automobile-oriented uses, apartments and offices. The district is intended to include most of the sections of the City with existing non-residential development as well as vacant land zoned for such development. Most of the uses in the General Commerce District (GCD) are dependent on arterial access and the district is intended to have a suburban commercial character. This district can accommodate major new development, infill development and the intensification and upgrading of existing development.
   (b)   Permitted Uses. The permitted uses are:
      (1)   All uses that are permitted uses in the Limited Commerce District.
         (Ord. 34-95. Passed 6-6-95.)
      (2)   Specialty retail.
         A.   Art, photo, stationery, notion, toy and gift sales.
         B.   Clothing, apparel and shoe stores.
         C.   Sporting goods.
         D.   Jewelry stores.
         E.   Establishments where tobacco products are sold.
         F.   Establishments where tobacco products are sold and are legally permitted to be consumed in the dwelling. These establishments may only be occupied for business between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
         G.   Retailing of other similar goods and articles than those listed and which are customarily consumed, used and stored within a dwelling.
            (Ord. 069-2013. Passed 11-5-13.)
      (3)   Home furnishings, home improvements and miscellaneous materials and equipment stores.
         A.   Hardware, paint sales and repair of household articles.
         B.   Retail sale of furniture, appliances and other major household articles.
         C.   Electrical supply stores.
         D.   Frozen food lockers.
      (4)   Commercial indoor recreation.
         A.   Amusement and recreation, but excluding drive-in theaters, game centers and billiard rooms.
            (Ord. 34-95. Passed 6-6-95.)
      (5)   EDITOR’S NOTE: Former subsection (b)(5) was deleted by Ordinance 91- 2012.
      (6)   Eating and drinking establishments, but excluding drive-in restaurants, and where no dancing or entertainment is provided.
      (7)   Off-street public parking lots and garages.
      (8)   Passenger transportation agencies and terminals.
      (9)   General merchandise.
         A.   Variety store.
      (10)   Nursery and garden supply stores.
      (11)   Personal service.
         A.   Watch, clock and jewelry and other small repair shops.
      (12)   Automobile accessories.
         A.   Tire, battery and accessory sales.
      (13)   Business services.
         A.   Agencies providing business services such as advertising, duplicating, blue printing and stenographic services.
(Ord. 34-95. Passed 6-6-95.)
      (14)   Educational institutions offering post secondary educational opportunities.
         (Ord. 31-06. Passed 5-2-06.)
   (c)   Special Permit Uses. The special uses are:
      (1)   Drive-in windows and drive-through facilities.
      (2)   (EDITOR’S NOTE: Former subsection (c)(2) was repealed by Ordinance 31-06, passed May 2, 2006.)
      (3)   Public utility rights-of-way, telecommunication towers and pertinent structures.
      (4)   Governmentally owned and/or operated buildings and facilities.
      (5)   Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work.
      (6)   Gasoline stations, sales only of gasoline and oil products.
      (7)   Pet shop; grooming or training of small animals.
      (8)   Home building center.
      (9)   Motor vehicle limited service, repair and/or parts installation. Includes engine tune-up, wheel alignment, transmission repair/replacement, tires, batteries, brakes, electrical and electronics repair or replacement.
      (10)   New and used dealers in motorcycle, motorized bicycle and tricycle and not including motor homes, snowmobiles and their parts and accessories and including repair services thereto.
      (11)   Adult bookstores as restricted by Section 1125.31.
      (12)   Adult motion picture theaters as restricted by Section 1125.31.
      (13)   Dispensing of combustible liquids.
      (14)   New and used car, van and/or pick-up truck (up to but not including one-ton capacity), sales, holding or storage.
      (15)   Eating establishments where dancing or entertainment is provided.
      (16)   Automotive oil change and lubrication only.
      (17)   Billiard rooms.
      (18)   (EDITOR'S NOTE: Former subsection (c)(18) was repealed by Ordinance 42-97, passed June 17, 1997.)
      (19)   Leasing of cars, vans and/or pick-up trucks (up to but not including one-ton) from such leasing business.
      (20)   Veterinary hospitals for small animals.
      (21)   Wholesale businesses or warehouses and storage or mini-warehouse facilities.
      (22)   Carpenter, cabinet, upholstering, sheet metal, plumbing, heating, roofing, air conditioning, sign painting and other similar establishments.
      (23)   Laundry, cleaning and dyeing plants.
      (24)   Motor vehicle dealers, new and used car and/or truck sales, service and holding or storage.
      (25)   Miscellaneous marine, recreational vehicles and travel trailer sales, including storage and service, provided recreational vehicles and travel trailers do not exceed forty feet in length.
      (26)   Lumber and other building material dealers.
      (27)   Repair services for machinery and equipment including repair garages and specialty establishments such as motor vehicle body and fender, radiator, motor tune-ups, muffler shops and tire repairing and service.
      (28)   Hotels, motels or tourist houses.
      (29)   Car wash establishments.
      (30)   Car wash with gas sales.
      (31)   Drive-in restaurants.
      (32)   Amusement arcades as restricted in Section 1125.32.
      (33)   Pawnshops as restricted in Section 1125.33.
         (Ord. 75-01. Passed 12-18-01.)
      (34)   Adult day cares as regulated by Section 1124.11.
         (Ord. 1-10. Passed 2-2-10.)
      (35)   Funeral home and services, excluding crematories.
         (Ord. 012-2012. Passed 4-17-12.)
      (36)   Medical facilities that include in-patient care services.
         (Ord. 098-2017. Passed 11-21-17.)
      (37)   Breweries and distilleries.
         (Ord. 004-2020. Passed 2-18-20.)
   (d)   Area and Height Regulations.
      (1)   Minimum front yard depth. The minimum front yard depth shall be seventy-five feet. This may be reduced to fifty feet if all parking or automobile spaces are located behind the front of the building in accordance with a site plan approved by the Development Review Committee and further provided this location does not materially change the building line so as to obstruct other properties.
      (2)   Minimum side yard depth. The minimum side yard depth shall be twenty feet when adjacent to a residential district and on the side adjacent to the residential district only.
      (3)   Minimum rear yard. The minimum rear yard shall be fifty feet.
      (4)   Height regulations. No structure shall exceed thirty-five feet in height.
      (5)   Minimum frontage. The minimum frontage shall be 125 feet.
      (6)   Minimum lot area. The minimum lot area shall be 30,000 square feet.
      (7)   Maximum building height. The maximum building height shall be thirty-five feet, unless a greater height is approved by the Development Review Committee after consideration of site, building plans and the proposed uses.
      (8)   Area regulations. Area regulations shall be regulated by Chapter 1125 .
      (9)   Parking, loading and garages. Parking, loading and garage regulations shall be as regulated by Chapter 1126 .
      (10)   Signs. Sign regulations shall be as regulated by Chapter 1127 .
         (Ord. 34-95. Passed 6-6-95.)