(a)    All garbage shall be kept in rust-resistant containers with handles, in durable garbage bags designed for storage of garbage and securely fastened, or in other containers which are constructed in such a way as to securely hold the garbage intact. Containers shall be watertight, nonabsorbent, easily washable, and must be covered with tight fitting lids.
   (b)    Where practicable, all garbage shall be drained of liquids and wrapped in papers.
   (c)    Such containers shall be of a size acceptable to the authorized waste hauler for the City with lids and handles to hold all garbage that accumulates between collections.
   (d)    All containers shall be washed and treated with disinfectant as often as necessary to prevent odors and insects.
   (e)    No householder or commercial operator shall permit the accumulation of any garbage or other refuse unless it is kept upon their property in covered containers approved by the Director of Public Service.
   (f)    All other refuse shall be stored in reasonably tight and substantial containers that are easy to handle. Such containers shall be of adequate capacity and provided in sufficient number to hold all other refuse that accumulates between collections.
   (g)   Boxes, papers, tree cuttings and odd articles shall be _crushed and bundled in lengths not to exceed three feet and shall not exceed fifty pounds in weight.
   (h)    Cans containing refuse, trash, garbage, yard waste presented for curbside collection, recycling in approved containers and bulk items shall not be placed in front of any residential unit prior to sundown on the day which precedes the regular residential curb pickup. The only exception to this is during the City's designated unlimited days.
   (i)    Refuse, trash and garbage cans, including yard waste and recyclable bins, shall be removed from the front of the residential unit no later than sundown of the day on which the collection is made.
   (j)    All refuse, trash, and garbage containers including yard waste containers and recyclable bins, shall be kept or stored behind the front building line of all residential units. No debris, refuse, trash, or garbage cans shall be kept in front of any residential unit.
   (k)    In all commercial districts, all trash and refuse containers shall be stored and screened in accordance with Section 1125.17 of the Codified Ordinances, (Storage of Garbage in Commercial and Industrial Districts).
(Ord. 009-2022. Passed 4-19-22.)