No person being the owner or occupant of any premises shall permit household or commercial and industrial waste matter such as paper, straw, excelsior, rags, wearing apparel, grass clippings, trimmings from trees and shrubs or wood, tin cans, glass, metal including all forms of scrap, tires, ashes and other waste and trash and building materials to be stored or to accumulate about dwellings, stores, service stations, trailers, restaurants or outdoor theaters or on the lots of land upon which such dwellings may be situated or upon vacant lots, excepting waste materials accumulated in the construction, remodeling or repairing of buildings, provided there is an existing building permit for such construction, remodeling or repairing project, and excepting also, trash and waste accumulated in covered containers for regular pickup by the municipally operated or licensed trash and garbage haulers.
(1964 Code §74.9)